Boston to Austin

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How Long til I’m Social-Media-ed Out?

Facebook + Foursquare + Twitter + Typepad + Tumblr??

This is What We Came Here for:

76 degrees. Perfectly sunny. In the middle of January.

If there is ever a scenario in which “BOOYAH!” is appropriate, this would be it. Sooooooo…


Trip Superlative - Most License Plate-Style Variety

Ranging from the simple to the simply ridiculous, Tennesseeans love to flaunt/advertise/preach their views on their plates. Everything from pro-agriculture to anti-abortion, you name it we’ve seen it (and had our license plate game tricked by it)


If only this place had advertised its existence BEFORE the exit-we-would’ve-had-to-cross-three-lanes-to-get-to, I would be up to my ears in deliciousness!

Jesus Christ is Lord Not a swear word - Side of a semi truck in Nowhere, VA

This is one of the places where you can play the game, “Black, or Just Really Tan?” - Matt sums up the beach crowd in OC